From the LA Times to LA Weekly Politico and others here are media outlets that have covered the lawsuits and fraud accusations against Jason Grosfeld, Irongate, Costa Palmas, and his other entities.

Trump Developers Say Condo Fraud Claims Filed Too Late

Developers accused of duping almost 200 people into buying condos in the now-defunct Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico project urged a California judge Wednesday to throw out the plaintiffs’ federal consumer protection claims, saying buyers waited too long to name an “indispensable party” as a defendant…

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Trump’s failed Baja condo resort left buyers feeling betrayed and angry

When Stephenee Simms heard in 2006 that Donald Trump was building condo towers in Baja, the lure of a posh weekend getaway on the rustic coast just south of Tijuana was hard to resist.

Simms, then an aerospace purchasing agent living in Canoga Park, said she used her life savings to pay a deposit of just over $50,000 for unit No. 602, a one-bedroom overlooking the Pacific…

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Investors Sue Trump Over Tijuana Project

LOS ANGELES (CN) – After collecting more than $30 million in deposits for Trump Ocean Resort Baja, a putative luxury resort in Tijuana, Donald Trump’s project collapsed and The Donald says there’s no money left for refunds, more than 60 people claim in Superior Court. The 197-page filing lists 41 charges, including fraud, conspiracy, and conversion….

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Investors In Donald Trump's Failed Mexico Resort Speak Out

On her 65th birthday last year, Sylvia Villavicencio — once a Donald Trump devotee — pummeled a Mexican piñata of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Her guests poked out the eyes and tore off the legs.

“We wanted to express our feelings and vent our anger,” said her husband, Mike Rodriguez, a retired real estate builder. They live in Madera, in California’s Central Valley…

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Trump and His Baja Resort Fiasco – ‘Just a Giant Hole in the Ground’

Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, reports began circulating in the press about all the various failures of his businesses, which included the bankruptcy of his Atlantic City, N.J., casinos, the defunct Trump University here in San Diego where students successfully sued him, and particularly the troubles of his Trump Towers…

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That one time Trump wanted to invest in Mexico not long ago

“I’m very, very proud of the fact that when I build I have investors that follow me all over. They invest in me. They invest in what I build,” says Donald Trump in a promotional video attracting investors to his then planned real estate project in Baja California, Mexico, which was supposed to be, according to Trump, a spectacular beachfront luxury resort headed by the successful Trump Organization. What could have possibly gone wrong?…

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The John Chiang campaign has researched and released Antonio Villaraigosa’s campaign finance reports slamming Villaraigosa saying, “they brings to light his clear pattern of accepting contributions from shady individuals and organizations with ties to President Donald Trump. Villaraigosa has not only accepted the support of CEOs and real estate developers who backed President Trump’s super PAC and endorsed him for president, but has also accepted donations from pro-charter Republicans and serval other GOP mega-donors.”…

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Trump Settles with Relentless Southern California Attorney

When he’s not Tweeting incendiary off-the-cuff remarks at critics and members of the intelligentsia, President-elect Donald “Never Settle” Trump has often brashly stated that he won’t settle lawsuits outside of court. This is a claim that has been illuminated in the past few weeks because he has recently agreed to settle a sizeable  Trump University fraud lawsuit for $25 million dollars stemming from his defunct for-profit real estate education venture, putting to rest a multitude of fraud allegations by former students so as to not interfere with his taking and/or remaining in office…

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Sunday's Child, LLC and others v. Irongate Azrep BW

The arbitration hearing on this matter took place on October 4 and 5, 2021. Terry Revere and Maureen Willkom from Revere & Associates represented Plaintiffs Sunday’s Child, LLC, Sunday’s Third Child, LLC, Sunday’s Fourth Child, LLC, and Sunday’s Fifth Child, LLC (collectively referred to as “Sunday’s Child”) and Andrew Lautenbach and Maile Miller from Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher represented Defendant Irongate Azrep BW LLC (“Irongate”). At the hearing, Sunday’s Child and Irongate called Jason Grosfeld, Greg Brandes, Sarah Evans, and Ingrid Wang as live witnesses and submitted testimony from Warren Price and Lyle Hosoda through oral deposition transcripts…

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When Donald Trump Quits

After sending mixed signals about what might drive him to withdraw from the presidential race, Donald Trump settled on a definitive answer last month: “I’m never dropping out.”

The next day, he tweeted, “I’m leading big in every poll and we are going to WIN! Remember, Trump NEVER gives up!”…

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Trump and His Baja Resort Fiasco: ‘Just a Giant Hole in the Ground’

Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, reports began circulating in the press about all the various failures of his businesses.

These include the bankruptcy of his Atlantic City, New Jersey, casinos, the defunct Trump University here in San Diego where students successfully sued him, and, particularly, the troubles of his Trump Towers.

For instance, in the saga of the Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida, Trump sold the use of his name to developers of the $300 million condo project for $2 million. According to Rolling Stone, the developers collected down payments from investors but after the project went south in 2008, the snookered buyers sued Trump for misleading them. Trump did settle the suit, but plaintiffs lost hundreds of thousands of dollars…

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Fink kid is a big fat loser

Maybe he’s not a chip off the BlackRock after all.

Josh Fink, the son of BlackRock chairman Larry Fink, is losing money hand over fist in his hedge fund, Enso Global Fund.

Enso fell 60.5 percent last year, and is down more than 7 percent through April.

As a result of the losses, the 34-year-old Fink now manages just $44 million, down from as much as $700 million in 2008.

Fink’s dramatic reversal from hedge fund wunderkind to has been was reported yesterday on the website of AR….

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Jason Grosfeld’s Irongate, Costa Palmas: Fraud, Conspiracy and Trump Ties

Not everything is as it seems in luxury real estate, where opulence meets ambition. The shimmering facades of high-end developments often hide deceit, fraud, and conspiracy stories.

One such tale revolves around Jason Grosfeld of Costa Palmas, a name now synonymous with controversy and legal battles.

With connections to political magnates like Donald Trump, Grosfeld’s ventures have been scrutinized, revealing a web of allegations from Baja California to Hawaii…

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BlackRock Institutional Trust Company NA is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory, and risk management solutions. BlackRock oversees $10 trillion, making it one of the largest money managers in the world. Blackrock was founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, who is the company’s chairman and CEO. James L. Grosfeld, former CEO and chairman of PulteGroup, Inc. was on BlackRock’s board of directors from 1999 through 2018, and held a substantial amount of BlackRock stock. Jason Grosfeld, James Grosfeld’s son, got his start in the business world working as an analyst for BlackRock after college… 

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Is Jason Grosfeld’s Costa Palmas Resort the New Madoff Scheme?

The East Cape of Los Cabo, Mexico has become a hotbed of luxury developments, including Costa Palmas, a high-end resort owned and operated by Los Angeles real estate firm Irongate. Homes in Costa Palmas range from already-built homes starting at $2.5 million to beachfront lots for more than $25 million…

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Former Trump Business Partner Jason Grosfeld Facing Legal Action

Costa Palmas, a 1,500-acre resort and residential community on the East Cape of Los Cabos, Mexico is home to the Four Seasons Resort & Residences Los Cabos, the Amanvari Restort & Residences, and its own private beach, golf and yacht club. Costa Palmas is Jason Grosfeld’s latest luxury development venture, which, for the past six years has been marketed as the world’s newest premiere residential community for the prominent and the wealthy. Jason Grosfeld, through his real estate company Irongate, has built and sold homes in Costa Palmas, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars.  Based on recent lawsuits filed by multiple homeowners in Costa Palmas, however, it appears that Irongate may be employing the same business tactics that destroyed its “Trump Ocean Resort,” a luxury residential project that Irongate partnered with Donald Trump to develop in Baha California, Mexico…

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Is Jason Grosfeld accused of being an Irongate multi-million real estate scammer?

Jason Grosfeld is the son of James Grosfeld, who ran Pulte Homes and is one of the largest shareholders of ESG firm Blackrock. Irongate, the development company by Jason Grosfeld, Mitchell Laufer, and David Waller, has been sued numerous times for real estate fraud, including a failed Hawaii development with Donald Trump.

Two more recent lawsuits detail the lengths Jason Grosfeld and Irongate will go to perpetuate their alleged scam of taking clients’ deposits and using sketchy methods to extract money from them…

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Costa Palmas Fraud Warning – Jason Grosfeld and Irongate Development

The culture of Irongate LLC, a company controlled by Jason Grosfeld, who lives in one of the biggest houses in Bel Air, California, is toxic.

LA Weekly has covered this story showcasing how the Costa Palmas development in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has been plagued with construction delays and extortion charges according to the numerous lawsuits filed against Mitchell Laufer, Irongate LLC, Michael Radovan, and Jason Grosfeld…

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